The Importance of Sight Words for Kids for Early Reading Development

The Importance of Sight Words for Kids for Early Reading Development

With your little one growing up, there’s a lot of pressure around making sure that your baby is also growing and developing well. Not to state the obvious, but reading, certainly is one of the key factors that aids in the development of your kids’ brain cells.

Now, not all children find it easy to read long, proper sentences, at first and that’s alright. Here’s where you intervene and help them become fluent speakers and readers. Let’s start off by covering our bases, shall we? You want your kids to be able to discover sight words easily. What are sight words you ask? Well, sight words are words that kindergarteners will see the most in other words, a set of words that reappears on almost any page of text for eg - I , you , why, what, that.

For any child to become a fluent reader and speaker, it is essential to master these sight words. With easy discovery and continuous practice, your first hurdle is crossed!

How can you do it, you ask? Well, like we’ve curated a list of activities that you can get your kid to partake in and make things easier for them.

How To Teach Kids Sight Words

Burst The Word Balloon

My House Teacher

This one’s a super fun activity for kids, which involves minimal effort and resources. Just get colorful balloons that kids already love, along with markers. Write one word on each balloon and every time your kid gets this word right, he gets to burst that balloon.

Sounds super fun, right?

The excitement of getting to burst all balloons will bring in the thrill factor even when they're actually learning!

Feed The Word Monster

The word monster is always hungry and you need to get your little one to feed it! Haha!

So, for this activity you’ll need colorful papers, cardboard boxes, scissors and glue. Now, this might require a little extra preparation but it’ll be worth it not only because it’s super fun but also because this is something that’ll last for months.

All you need to do is make a freaky-fun monster out of the cardboard boxes and papers and leave about a centimeter of its mouth open.

Then write down the words on small chits and every time your kid recognizes the word, the word monster get’s its food.

It’s time to up your game, mommies! Let’s have some fun!

Find The Words In The Rice

My House Teacher

This one requires little to no resources and effort. Just get a box and some rice. Write down the words on colorful chits of paper and hide it in the box of rice. Call out different words and get your kid to then look for the same in the rice box.

You can repeat this engaging activity with different words/ numbers and even other topics because they certainly will not be complaining. 

Get The Word-pit, Home 

My House Teacher Write On Sand Game

For this activity you’ll just need a box/ flat tub and some sand. You can go one step ahead and get colorful/edible sand from the market if you’re worried about the regular one’s toxicity. 

Now, start writing and forming different letters and then words on the sand and get your kid to take a guess. Let them use this small sand-pit instead of their regular notebooks. Best part, this activity is also famous for enhancing gross and fine-motor skills. Now, who’s thinking of killing two birds with one stone and that too in a super fun way?!

The idea is to make learning fun for them. When kids get as excited to learn as they are about play, the process becomes easier. Just by changing a few things here and there, you can help your kids become better at not only reading but so many other subjects as well.

So, share this with your other mom-pals and let's make sure that every kid gets the opportunity to become sharper and smarter in an exciting and fun atmosphere!

100 Sight Words Made Easy Activity Game

Sight words are common words that kids recognize instantly without sounding them out.

Many sight words are tricky to read and spell — they haven't spelled the way they sound

Here, we present you a fun and must-have activity of 12 I-Spy crossword cards in which the child has to search sight words given on the left side.

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