About us

At My House Teacher Store, we understand the contemporary parent's desire for effective early-year learning experiences, prompting us to deliver hassle-free, expert-approved play products.
What sets our Toys apart?
1. **Intuitive Design**: Our products require no complex manuals, ensuring straightforward enjoyment for children and parents alike.

2. **Affordability and Durability**: Despite being pocket-friendly, our toys are crafted from premium materials, ensuring longevity that transcends age barriers.

3. **Lasting Quality**: Our clients frequently attest to the enduring quality of our toys, often passing them down to younger siblings or friends.

4. **Responsive Customer Care**: We pride ourselves on prompt and helpful customer service, supporting our clients throughout their journey, from purchase to playtime.

5. **Promotion of Independent and Collaborative Play**: Our toys foster both independent exploration and cooperative engagement among children.
Our manufacturing practices:-
My House Teacher Store   
Our manufacturing facility, situated in Surat, Gujarat, is staffed by an all-woman team, many of whom are mothers themselves. We prioritize safety and quality, holding a Bureau of Indian Standards license for thorough testing.
Allow us to introduce our visionary Founder, Mrs. Kirti Aggarwal:
- B-Tech Computer Engineer by profession
- Mother of twins, Prisha and Pratyush
- Experienced educator with a knack for business management
Kirti's journey into entrepreneurship stemmed from her own experiences as a mother, recognizing the scarcity of toys aligning with her standards in the Indian market. Beginning with handmade activities at home, she garnered a loyal following through word of mouth and grassroots efforts. Her dedication to quality and innovation led to My House Teacher's recognition as the Best Indian Made Toy brand by Kidsstopress, as well as the title of Best Upcoming Kids brand in 2023.

Kirti's remarkable achievements have been acknowledged by numerous women-centric organizations, applauding her tireless dedication to balancing her multifaceted roles.

Thank you for choosing My House Teacher, where learning meets limitless imagination, one playtime at a time.