About us

My House Teacher which is fondly known as MHT is a brainchild of Ms. Kirti Aggarwal, who herself is a mother of fraternal twins and a brilliant mind - A BTech Computer Engineer and a Topper in her field, it’s a journey of her own learning with her kids which pushed this BTech Engineer to be a Mompreneur with an AIM to nurture children’s curiosity and desire to learn about the world around them.

With the intellect of kids also being much higher and smarter in the current generation, there is always a need for innovative methodology to make them learn the basics, and this is where My House Teacher comes in picture, with a teaching range starting from the age of toddler to a Teen, MHT has designed the products in such a way that learning becomes a playful experience both for the child and the mother as its designed not by a professional but by a mother for another.

Started as a hobby seeing her own children ditching the old methodology of learning and not loving the same, this energetic young mom thought of innovative ways to teach her kids and that when the idea nurtured in her mind to spread the same to other mom’s in and around her.

Every Concept of MHT is such that learning becomes playful and that has been done using various props like Board games, Coloring Posters, Flash Cards, Matching and Sort it Out activities etc and all this is done with the motive to spread education and hence are priced very affordably so that each and every parent can afford it for their kids.

Last but not the least, MHT Team would like to welcome any thoughts or suggestion for improvement from each and every one of you as we believe that LEARNING IS A CONTINUOUS PROCESS.