About us

We are an Indian, mom-made toy brand , totally passionate about designing unique products that make learning playful, playtime that enhances child's skills, easy to use and child-safe toys.

We design concept based Brain Games and Activities for ages 0 months to 11 years .

Every product coming from My House Teacher has some hand-made value added by all women working with us!

We believe every child who plays with our product grasps some positive value from play!

My House Teacher Store   

Why choose us ?
Today, our generation parents are well aware of the importance of early year learning and hence look for result oriented ways to indulge in quality time with their little ones!

We at My House Teacher are working hard to make your precious quality time even more hassle free with our ready-to-use play products approved by expert teachers.

What makes our toys different?

Unique Selling point in MHT play products are :
- They don’t need complex manuals to understand.
- Pocket friendly and at same time, Material used is of high quality so long lasting.
- Our clients most common feedback is they never feel like scrapping our products after child crosses that age. They find the quality is so good, they pass on to other kids for further use.
- Our customer care is quite responsive. We help our clients readily at every stage from ordering to playing !
- Toys from MHT encourage independent and collaborative play !

Our manufacturing practices:-

Our workshop is based in Surat city of Gujarat State. We are an all woman team at factory where most of them are mothers. They are making and even learning at every stage!

We are a BIS ( Bureau of Indian Standards ) licensed manufacturer ! Hence, each toy is tested for all standards of safety!


Meet our Founder - Mrs Kirti Aggarwal

She is a

  • B-Tech Computer Engineer by qualification 
  • Twin mom of beautiful kids Prisha and Pratyush 
  • Skilled teacher with good experience in education field
  • Has good business acumen leading our business profitably since 2018.


It’s her own journey of motherhood where she realised , there was a big gap in the toys she wanted her kids to play from and what were available readily in Indian market ! Then, she made activities by hand at home and found them extremely useful for her 2 year olds.

Home grown, she clicked pics and shared with her friends and connect on WhatsApp ! People started ordering and loved her stuff. Through exhibitions pan India, she made good clientele or say mommy community which is actually the essence of the entire growth of My House Teacher!

Awarded as the Best Indian Made Toy brand by Kidsstopress and also as Best Upcoming Kids brand 2023.

She has been recognised by multiple woman based organisations for her tremendous hard work and successfully managing all her roles well.