Learn 5 Ways!! How To Keep 1 Year Old Busy While Working From Home

Learn 5 Ways!! How To Keep 1 Year Old Busy While Working From Home

Whether it’s your first time being a mom or 5th, keeping a 1-year-old busy can get overwhelmingly tedious at times. They’re moody, curious and fairly verbal with an attention span of less than a minute. In such cases, you need to be fully armed with a bunch of activities planned throughout the day because you certainly don’t want them to enter their cranky phase. We all know it’s all downhill from there, *cries internally*. Don’t worry mommas, we’ve got your back! We saw you, we heard you, and we’ve now curated a list of activities that might just come in handy when you’ve run out of things to do! Activities-

How To Keep 1 Year Old Busy At Home

Pretend Play

Get puppets from the nearest toy stores or make a few with the spare pieces of cloth lying at home. Go one step ahead and make them believe they’re playing a certain someone. Pretend play will certainly keep the kids entertained and engaged for quite some time. Apart from solving the obvious problem, pretend play has been proven to enhance creativity and critical thinking. Not only that, but it will also help them to communicate better and aid social as well as emotional development. Follow this link for a bunch of super fun and engaging toys that were curated for the exact same reason.

Playdates With Other Little Ones

Play dates, certainly come to the rescue when you’re extremely exhausted sitting at home and can no longer keep your kid entertained just by yourself. Apart from that obvious role, play dates also play a paramount role as they help in enhancing certain emotional as well as social skills. By taking turns to play with the same toy, sharing the same space and toys, communicating in a healthy manner and imbibing good mannerisms from their playmates, babies are exposed to various good things in that short span of time. Thinking or organizing a playdate? Follow this link if you’re on the lookout for a bunch of fun and engaging toys for your little one and his playmates!

Art And Craft For Kids, Or In Their Terms, Lots Of Colorful Scribbling

Getting artsy is always a good idea! Art is proven to be therapeutic for people of all ages. Now, it not only helps in enhancing their creativity and keeping them engaged in something constructive, but also aids in gross and fine-motor skill development. You can also use this opportunity to reinforce various concepts like colours, shapes, sizes and even other basics like fruits and vegetables. It’ll take time but they’ll start picking up sooner than you realise. Just get them colourful sheets, edible paints or crayons and let your little artist get to work! Check out this link if you’re looking for good-quality art supplies and games!

Chunky Puzzles For Toddlers

Pick up a few easy puzzles that involve basic sorting and placing. Sit with your babies and help them place the correct pieces in the respective places. Once you repeat this three to four times, they’ll get the hang of it and will start doing it on their own. Cheer on them if they complete it correctly, to boost their morale. This activity not only helps in keeping them busy, but will also help sharpen their memory while enhancing basic fine & gross motor skills along with developing coordination. Check out this super cool puzzle that might come in handy when you get to this activity!

Play Fetch With Toddler

No, we haven’t lost it, playing fetch does have it’s own positive side and will certainly keep them busy in the most fun way! When you throw things and ask your baby to go and fetch it for you, they feel responsible, and it gives them a certain sense of independence. Not only that, this is the first step towards learning to listen attentively and follow directions. Try it out and note the difference? There’s certainly no harm in that, right? So, we’ve listed a few of our favourite, fuss-free activities that don't involve a lot of money or preparation. While it may seem like your toddler needs a lot of attention, you can now attend to him without it being much of a hassle. Here’s to being inventive, innovative, and creative.

Busy Toddler Activities For Babies

Let us know which one you ended up trying and how that went for you? We’re excited to hear back!
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