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Young Minds Play Kit for 2 years and above

Young Minds Play Kit for 2 years and above

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Your child may be eager for independence and to step into the world of "big kids." This Play Kit responds to your two-year-old's natural curiosity focusing on practical life activities and play things which helps to redirect their immense energy into something constructive.

Key Features

  • Support your child’s budding independence
  • Develop clarity on basic concepts like small to big etc Practice fine motor precision
  • Build patience and problem-solving skills
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  • Toddler Learning Binder

    With a perfect blend of fun and learning, this binder enhances children’s motor skills, cognitive abilities and hand-eye coordination.

  • Stick Puzzles

    Child’s first puzzle that helps to grasp spatial awareness and builds problem-solving skills.

  • Vehicle Peg Puzzle

    Transport-themed peg puzzle which will help build child’s concentration and develop their knowledge on what vehicles go on land, air and water.

  • Community Helpers in City Play Mat

    This city play activity encourages
    independent play, sharpens motor
    skills, and sparks imaginative play in

  • Fun Foam Sticking in fruit and veggies

    It is a no-mess, sticking art activity designed to engage young children playfully strengthening their finger muscles and building hand-eye coordination.

  • Made with Experts

    Saves time and money researching and shopping for toys individually

  • At-Home Activities

    Quick and easy ways to keep your child learning through play.

  • Reduce Screen Time

    Keeps Child engaged in play keeping them away from screen happily

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