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Do You See Me

Do You See Me

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“Do You See Me?”, is a fast and fun card game which helps your child to distinguish amongst Animals , Modes of transport ,Fruits and Vegetables while also improving their observation and speed power.

60 illustrated large cards

Keep the pile of cards in between all players faced down

How to play:
1. On go,the top most card from the draw pile is flipped to face-up
2. The first player to point/name the “odd one out” on that card,wins the card and the player takes the card from the draw pile
Distinguish amongst:
• Animals - that live on land,water or air
• Modes of transport - Land , water or air
• Fruits or vegetables
3. Then a new card from the draw pile is revealed
4. The game ends when all the cards from the draw pile have been drawn

The winner:
The player who earns the maximum number of cards ,wins the game

Multiple ways to play:
• As a game- find the odd one out or
• As flash cards (61 images)

Unleash the power of:
• Knowledge - Differentiate amongst Animals, Modes of transport & Fruits and Vegetables
• Observation - Observe each image on that card to spot the odd one out
• Speed - Be the fastest to spot the “odd one out”
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