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Magnetic My Appreciation Chart For Parents and Kids

Magnetic My Appreciation Chart For Parents and Kids

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Appreciation Chart For Students

Here we present a very versatile unbreakable Appreciation board which can be wall-mounted or table-mounted. 

Appreciation chart for kindergarten show a positive behavior or goal you want your child to achieve – for example, ‘being polite to helpers’, keep plates after eating or doing up their own shoelaces.

Your child’s appreciation chart shows how often your child succeeds in their behavior goals. For example, if you’re using a wall poster, the chart have spaces for rewards.. Each time your child does well, your child gets rewards like “Good job”, “Wonderful” and “Improving” and when they don’t listen, you give them “ Sad”, “Terrible” etc.
We also give a plain tag for you to write a particular habit and hence judge the child daily on that trait.

Kid Reward Ideas are a powerful way of:

  • Encouraging Kids Behaviour you want, like cleaning teeth without fuss
  • Discouraging behavior you don’t want, like hitting
  • Rewarding your child for practicing new skills, like staying greeting elders or putting all the toys in a box when asked.

Appreciation Chart work well for children aged 3-11 years.

Its Magnetic Appreciation board and hence long lasting as well as durable 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Dhanya Sukumaran
An amazing product

We have been trying to track and build habits with our kids in many different ways. But this product is so well thought out that it satisfies all our needs perfectly. Just seeing this board got my kid to pick the habits she wants to work on and consistently stay on it without me having to remind or probe. Excellent design.

Thoughtfully made 👍🏼

This product has Indian mommy touch and we love our time with our kid with this product

Chiragi Desai
I gifted this to my niece

Very nice quality product! It was delivered quickly and in good packaging!

I wanted it in 4 days with a gift wrap and Team MHT made sure to make it reach me on time .

This is genuine and amazing website

Tina Bhatt
As a teacher, I recommend this product to all parents

Kudos to My House Teacher for creating a visually appealing and indian ethics relevant reward chart that resonates with both kids and parents. Teach values and moral science in a way that looks like play using this!

Keep creating! We love your PRODUCTS

Kunal Shah
Wonderful and quality better than I expected

The thoughtful design of My House Teacher's reward chart not only motivates kids but also helps parents track and celebrate their achievements together. It makes mundane routine tasks easier and communication better both ways