Teaching Kids to Draw, Paint, and Create

Teaching Kids to Draw, Paint, and Create

Painting and drawing are wonderful ways to spark creativity among kids. It helps foster expression, imagination, and cognitive skills in kids. It keeps them engaged and provides a creative way to express themselves. Here are some of the strategies to make kids practice and learn kids to draw and paint:

  1. Make your kids draw the things they love like their favorite toys, favorite dishes, etc. 
  2. Creating art from scratch makes kids focus and concentrate on the process. 
  3. Teach kids to stay patient and draw still-life things present in the house. 
  4. Keeping the kid's favorite colors for them to use while painting. It motivates them to use the colors and create art. 
  5. Provide different art supplies and allow kids to choose them according to their preferences. 

How to teach kids to draw, paint and create?

Color Sorting 

There are multiple colors out there in the world. Color sorting helps kids build cognitive development skills. Kids learn to identify and differentiate among different colors. It is one of the interactive activities to make kids learn about color theory. 

The color sorting bundle from My House Teacher is one of the best tools to teach kids to identify colors. The bundle contains a board and 12 objects to sort colorwise. The kid has to match the object to the color of the board. 


  1. Color sorting bundles make kids' motor skills sharp and improve their differentiating power. 
  2. It enhances their visual perception and color vocabulary
  3. Color sorting helps build kids' cognitive abilities like sorting, differentiating, etc. 
  4. With my house teacher's color sorting bundle, kids improve their focus and concentration power. 
  5. It helps kids build their creativity and imagination by sorting colors according to their preferences. 

Coloring Sets 

Coloring sets are one of the best coloring tools that you can use to spark creativity among kids. It is one of the best educational tools to teach kids to draw, paint and create. Creative development in a kid's mind benefited most from coloring sets. 

The coloring set from my house teacher is one of the beginner-friendly coloring sets to give kids. It contains multiple card sets to keep the kids engaged in the coloring activity. The pictorial representations motivate kids to draw and then fill in their favorite colors. 


  1. Filling colors in coloring books improves hand eye coordination of kids. 
  2. Different activity books in the set keep the child engaged and motivated to color 
  3. Some kits contain easy-to-solve puzzles. It provides a sense of accomplishment to kids on completing a puzzle. 
  4. Coloring books can be therapeutic for kids after a long school day. 
  5. You can make the kids color books with their friends and make it an interactive group activity. 

Animal Coloring 

Animal coloring books and cards provide dual benefits for kids. It develops creativity in them along with learning about animals. It helps in developing animal identification in their minds. Kids can learn to differentiate between different animals and their colors. 

The animal coloring set from my house teacher is the perfect animal coloring set for kids. It contains wooden cut out in animal shapes. The kids can color the wooden cards and identify animals. The set also contains colored pens for coloring the wooden animal shapes. 


  1. The kids can color the wooden animal pieces for hours and stay engaged. 
  2. The kids learn about animals while painting
  3. It provides kids with a sense of accomplishment after finishing a wooden piece.  
  4. The colored wooden pieces can be stuck on the wall in the kid's room as decorative pieces. 
  5. The kids can play with the wooden pieces after finishing coloring. 

Worksheet Filling 

Coloring on paper with pre-defined drawings is another way to teach kids to paint and enhance their creativity. It is an accessible and fun activity for kids at home. Kids stay focused while coloring the drawings to prevent spillage of colors outside the drawing line. Thus, it improves the focus and concentration power of kids.

The storybook coloring book from my house teacher is a different and unique coloring book for kids. It comes in the form of a roll and has drawing layouts in it. The story is of a girl traveling around the monuments in the world. Thus, kids get engaged while coloring the worksheets. 


  1. The storyline drawings keep the kid engaged in the coloring process and motivate them to keep coloring. 
  2. Coloring worksheets help kids improve their concentration and focus ability. 
  3. Completing a coloring worksheet gives a sense of accomplishment to kids. 
  4. It lets kids learn about Indian culture and monuments through coloring. 
  5. The cute stickers in the kit infuse creativity in kids while coloring. 

Wooden Toys DIY 

DIY crafts always spark creativity, imagination, and innovation among kids. DIY projects are great for building self-confidence among kids. Kids have the freedom to create according to their liking. They can explore their ideas and create something unique. 

The wooden balancing toy DIY from my house teacher is one of the unique DIY projects for kids. It contains a pre-marked wooden toy with colored sketch pens. The kids have to figure out the shapes and fill in the color. The final result is a balanced toy made from wood. 


  1. The kit contains 10 pieces of wooden sea animals like whales, turtles, starfishes, etc. 
  2. It helps in the kid's mental development and cognitive skills.  
  3. The kids have to figure out, color, and assemble all the wooden pieces to complete the project. 
  4. It inculcates problem-solving abilities in kids while completing a project.
  5. It is an enjoyable way to teach kids to draw, paint and create at home. 

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