Effective Strategies for Teaching Kids at Home : Tips and Techniques

Effective Strategies for Teaching Kids at Home : Tips and Techniques

During covid and post covid, parents have started teaching kids at home. Parents often face challenges in teaching small kids. There are several activities, tips, and tricks to help parents teach kids at home. With fun-filled activities, kids do not feel hectic and keep learning. Here are some of the tips for parents to teach their kids at home:
  • Parents should not use the exact methods of teaching as used in schools.
  • Parents can adopt fun outdoor and indoor activities for teaching their children at home.
  • Appreciation words for kids keep them motivated to continue learning.
  • Give the kid time to learn and grab the learning materials at their own pace
  • Use creative and diy activities to teach kids at home.

Effective Strategies For Teaching Kids At Home: Tips And Techniques

Parents often struggle to engage their children to learn at home. There are several ways to keep the child engaged in learning. Here are some of the activities that can help parents improve their kid's knowledge at home:

Teach Colours To Kindergarten

Kids love to play with colors. Colors provide happiness. Thus, teaching kids activities that involve colors will keep them engaged and curious. One such product for coloring activity is a 3-in-1 combo pack from My House Teacher. With My House Teacher combo pack for toddlers, you can teach your kids about different animals and what they eat. It is a three-in-one combo. The first thing consists of reusable tearable mats with animal pictures. Other things in the combo are the mosaic sticker box, coloring sheets, and sketch pens. Thus, the combo is one of the fun activities to teach kids at home. Also, it is one of the promising educational gift ideas.


  • It provides four best educational learning toys in one kit
  • It contains reusable mats for durability and consistent learning
  • Each kit has its easy-to-store folder
  • The animal bundle is one of the best animal activities for 2-3-year-olds. The matching game enhances the matching capabilities of the child.

Alphabet Identification Activities

Alphabets are one of the fundamental things to make kids learn at home. Alphabet puzzles and notebooks are common ways to make children learn the alphabet. But the Alphabet Posters With Pictures is a new and interesting way to keep the child engaged while learning. It is one of the preferred alphabet learning tools for children. The Alphabet learning poster from My House Teacher is the right alphabet poster you can give to your child. The colorful diagrams and shapes make it easy for your child to learn the alphabet. You can easily hang it on the wall in the child's room. It is one of the best early learning toys for your child. Thus, your child can revise as and when they enter their room.


  • It is one of the ideal children's flash cards alphabet sets.
  • It decorates the wall and improves the child's learning abilities.
  • You can enhance a child's vocabulary with these alphabet learning tools.
  • The vibrant colors and diagrams grab children's attention and engage them in learning.
  • The poster is easy to clean and maintain.

Color Identification For Child

Every child loves to play with colors. Different colors grab the attention of the child. Thus, teaching them the different colors present around them is one of the effective strategies to teach kids at home. With the house teacher's color identification educational posters, your child can learn various colors displayed on the poster. The poster has diagrams of the different colors present in the world. Thus, it is easy to remember and identify colors. The posters are ideal for wall hanging and do not tear off frequently. It sparks creativity and enhances the vocabulary of the child.


  • The high-quality material of the poster makes it durable.
  • The open-ended play game lets the child learn at their pace.
  • The poster contains images of fruits, animals, instruments, etc. It is an all-in-one place for kids learning.
  • You can create a fun learning zone in the house by hanging the posters on the walls.
  • It is a big-sized poster. Thus, the child can easily identify and learn from a distance.

Quizzes For Kids

Mind games and quizzes help develop the thinking ability of the child. Children have to apply their logical reasoning to solve quizzes and puzzles. Completing the puzzles provides a sense of accomplishment in a child's mind. The mindware quiz set from My House Teacher is one of the best quizzes you can gift to your child. It is a seek-and-find memory game for the child. It is an engaging way of improving the vocabulary and memory skills of your child. The quiz set contains several cards with fruit pictures, animals, etc. It lets your child find and match the card. You can even use the cards to enhance a child's knowledge about the color-matching mechanisms.


  • It is one of the best answers to how to teach kids at home.
  • It enhances the vocabulary and large motor skills of the child.
  • It has six color-coded cards for fruits, toys, colors, shapes, clothing, and animals.
  • It enhances the visual matching abilities of the child.
  • You can use the cards in multiple ways to enhance the child's learning process.

Shape Identification For Kindergarten

Do you want your child to identify various shapes present in the real world? Children often get confused with the different shapes lying around them. Thus, teaching them to identify and remember shapes is a hectic task. Also, it is among the crafts for kids' ideas that help them improve their shape identification skills. With My House Teacher shapes poster, you can teach your child shapes with minimal effects. It contains pictures of easy-to-remember things. The child can easily learn about different shapes through these pictures and identify them in the surroundings.


  • It contains easy-to-identify shapes present around us.
  • The poster fabric makes it durable for longer periods.
  • It provides the best value at such a price point.
  • It sparks creativity among the kids and motivates them to continue learning.
  • The vibrant colors reduce eye strain for kids when learning from the wall.
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