Are you planning to travel with young kids? Check these top 5 travel toys 2023

Are you planning to travel with young kids? Check these top 5 travel toys 2023

Don’t worry! We have you sorted!

What does one want in a travel toy for a kid?

1. It should be compact and easy to carry in bag.

2. Light in weight!

3. Affordable and worthy

4. Kids play with it on their own so that parents can enjoy! 

5. Engages the child for good number of hours.

I am sure you would agree to all then points mentioned above!

Check out the amazing collection of Travel Toys which we recommend by clicking here. Also we are sharing our top selling 5 travel toys for kids here for you to easily place order :

1. My Busy Book for Toddlers 

Perfect Activity Binder for toddlers starting from 18 months till they turn 3 years.

It is a reusable activity book - great for carrying in travel bags for keeping kids engaged in flights or even when you are out in a restaurant.

2. Fun Foam Sticker Activities

Kids love to stick and when mats are reusable, there are endless possibilities. let kids use their little fingers to peel foam stickers and stick them in circles on reusable easy to carry plastic mats. it comes with 5 foam sticker sheets.

This activity can engage kids for hours and hours! You can use this even in flights! It’s a no mess activity 

3. Compact Stick Puzzles

This simple yet underrated activity has a great impact! They are easy to carry and kids love to sequence the sticks to form the final image! We have options in print to Choose from! This brain developmental activity is strongly recommended to carry along for toddlers and young kids. 

4. Nut and Bolt blocks

Simple activity with a very good impact of child as they keep rotating the bolt over nuts to attach them all! They can be put in an easy to carry cloth bag and can be given to the child to keep them busy!

5. Playdough with reusable mats

Play Dough Mats are a great way for children to exercise their fine motor skills alongside having a blast.

Different finger muscles get used as the play-doh gets kneaded, pinched, pressed and rolled.

The double sided laminated jumbo a4 Mats are to be used with 4 play-doh pots provided!

Order them together or any of them! Travel smart . Become a smart mom ! Travel light, happy and smart with My House Teacher recommendations and cost friendly activities for kids and babies

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