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Super Shapes

Super Shapes

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  • WHAT WE LEARN? - The child gets familiar with 20 different shapes in different colours. This  game is a great way to encourage your child into problem-solving. Children learn about shapes in a fun manner as all the shapes are animated.
  • ANIMATED - The concept of learning about shapes for kids in Kindergarten or preschoolers is provided in a fun and playful manner by animated jigsaw pieces. The 20 shapes come with 20 different expressions with the nose serving as the jigsaw bridge. Instructions are provided to play a fun game with these unique shapes!
  • IMPROVE BASIC SKILLS - This game provides hands-on learning for children to improve gross and fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. Ideal for kindergarten and preschoolers. While solving them the child develops patience and improves concentration.
  • EXTENDED PLAY - After learning about these 20 shapes, the child can create new shapes as well. This is possible as there is a common jigsaw edge for all the puzzle pairs. Just swap the top and bottom jigsaw pieces to get new pairs. More learning and play activity involve making new shape forms - as many as 380 can be made by different permutations and combinations!

NEW CHALLENGING GAME -. There are more challenges when shapes are created similar to common objects. This unique  probe and play game gives the child a long association with this concept

Helps in improving below skills

Pretend Play Fine Motor Skills Spatial Skills Stem Skills Imaginative Skills
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